Although digital art has lost its glamour in the past couple of years, there are still a lot of dedicated graphic designers that put their talent and skills to work.  Fewer and better. The examples that I have gathered below, will make my point. Nonetheless, you’ll see some awesome sci-fi and fantasy digital art that will take your breath. Enjoy!



Concept Art: “one ticket, please”



3D Art: The Joker




2D Art: Batman Arkham Unhinged




2D Art: Samurai Challenge 2




Fantasy: Fairytale




Fantasy: Anger




Concept Art: Wind Up Girl




Fantasy: Naruto Uzumaki




Concept Art: NYC 2025





Sci-Fi Johnson Ting Race




 Wallpaper: Phantom




 Concept Art: Inhumans war of kings




 Concept Art: Crash of The Mothership




 Sci-Fi: Anomaly Robots




 Sci-Fi: Lost Thoughts



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