Modern art is present in our everyday lives, either that we find it in the buildings we past buy daily, in bus or subway stations or in the ads we watch on TV.  Today’s article includes a selection of these modern buildings  from all over the world that we hope you will enjoy!

Pacific View mall in Ventura, California

Piano House An Hui Province, China

Stone House ,Guimarães, Portugal

Lotus Temple , Delhi, India

Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas, USA

Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado,USA

Nautilus House , Mexico City, Mexico

National Theatre , Beijing, China

Ideal Palace (France)

Crazy House (Vietnam)

Teapot Dome Gas Station, Zillah, WA, USA

Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Device to Root Out Evil, Vancouver, Canada

Puzzling World Lake Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand

The Crooked House , Sopot, Poland