Before bubble gum was invented, people relied on mints to take care of their breath whenever they went out on a date or had a big job interview. Even tough their popularity has decreased in the last decades, there are still old fashioned folks, who probably annoyed by the irritating sound of a bubble gum balloon popping, prefer to pull out a tinny mint from a tin box whenever they feel like having a fresh breath before engaging in a close conversation.


After the Kiss Mints the Unemployed Philosophers Guilde

After Tea Party by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild

After Therapy Mints the Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Mints Are a Girl’s Best Friend by Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Wrench Mints Fix Bad Breath


Fugu Mints

Zombie Mints


Newman’s Own Organics by  Moxie Sozo


Student Work – Cory Etzkorn





Hint Mint


Catch Pure Mint


Sencha Green Tea Mints


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