We really don’t pay attention to business cards that we receive from various people that we meet until there’s one that catches our eyes and that we look at it twice and think: “That’s the kind of card I want to be know by”. So we hope that today’s article will catch your eyes and maybe give you an idea an how your future business card should look, just in case you want to be noticed really quickly!

Multimedia Artist Business Card by ThemeFlava

Designer Business Card by AdelDima

Letterpress Business Card for Hair Stylist by Saulius Dumbliauskas

Business card: Joonas Paloheimo by Joonas Paloheimo

Lucky Rabbit Studio Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards by Print&Grain

La Parisina bakery – Madrid by b-type design

Unique Die Cut Business Cards by PremiumCards.net

JB Mini-Business Card (The Pocket Card) by JB Graphics

Plastico Camera Business Card by Calwin

 Mega Cultural – new business cards by donabaronesa

Mom’s Tattoos | Letterpress Business Cards by Print&Grain

Contreforme business cards by Contreforme6

Red pigeon studio business card design by  Lemongraphic

Letterpress Lemonade Business Cards by Print&Grain

Generation Green business card by Lemongraphic

Tiffani Ink Business Cards by Tiffani Ink