We have selected  20 Fresh and Innovative Brochures for you to get an idea of the latest trends in the field. We hope that our various style of brochures from numerous fields will get you inspired and that you will enjoy this article as much as we did creating it! Furthermore, brochure printing is the next logical step and as the holidays are coming the chances for you to pick a big and important client are increasing.  Nonetheless, you shouldn’t exclude making a brochure for your friends or love one’s.

Southern Colour by David Popov

Foliomania // The design portfolio brochure by Lemnographic

Ewaan Corporate Brochure by Omar Reda

ITI Computers by Bunch

Douglas & Gordon – 360° by Jonathan Davies

SZ Developments Brochure by DHNN Creative Agency

Protecting Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict

Annual Report Brochure by Andrej Sevkovskij

Brochure for Frontex | European Union Agency

Museale Forstyrrelser by Your Friends

 Ralph Lauren: Polo Sport by Giorgio Rocco Lab


CHP Brochure by Nicole Kraieski

ZIMAT Brochure by Eugenio Ortega

Snowbordets historie by Olesya Kurulyuk

Festival Brochure by Patricio Murphy

L’Oréal: Perfection Corolle by Giorgio Rocco Lab

 MAG LAB Interactive Portfolio CD by Dina Saadi

Brochure by TeYosh

 WildLife Brigade by Javier Fuentes