When creating a web design  the first thing you design is the navigation because it represents the structure of the site, and how the users is accessing it. Usually, a designer will recommend a linear structure which consists in a menu placed above the content or in the left side. This is a standard method showed in any book related to web design but if you want to impress your audience, you need to be creative. Forget about conventional rules, go beyond the borders and think how can you revolutionize everything from your design.

In this article you can see 20 examples of creative navigation used in web design. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them and let me know what you think.

Visual Supply Co

Nicolas Tarier Photography

Everything You Need To Know

Goosebumps Pickles

Aude Degrrassat



Pure Pleasure Design


Marco Rosella

Erik Bognar


StartingBloc Needs You

Unfinished Business School


Siddharth Arun


Number Picture

Arnaud Beelen

Body Arts Laboratory

Elliot Lepers



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