I have gathered 23 awesome fast food ads from the most famous brands such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King.

What makes these ads unique and creative is the fact that even though there is no trace of actual food featured in any of them, they still make you wanna order a big greasy burger and fries to go with! Enjoy!


Burger King: Toll this


Burger King: Country
McDonald’s: Ghost
McDonald’s: Rock’n'Fries

KFC: Ring
Burger King: Bags
KFC:  A little too chicken
KFC: A little too chicken
McDonald’s: Baby Ron
McDonald’s: Cheeseburger with Bacon
KFC Delivery: Life Gets Easier, Hunting
KFC Delivery: Life Gets Easier, Transportation
KFC Delivery: Life Gets Easier, Cooking
KFC: Cobbette
KFC: Drumsticks
KFC: Sun burn
McDonald’s Girl
McDonald’s: Boy
Burger King: Cows
Burger King: Wrap
Burger King: Little Red Riding Hood
Burger King: 3 Little Pigs
Burger King: Light


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