We have gathered 23 original logos that we are sure you will find extremely inspirational. Below you will see some really cool and creative logos that come from at least 3 different styles that include minimal, colorful, typography and others.  As you probably know, today you can’t open a business without having a logo. Therefore, you need to make sure not only to have a logo but to stick it everywhere, including in all of your marketing prints. And Printrunner businness cards online can help you create a part of your company’s identity. Now, we hope you will enjoy our article!




Salt Catering by GiselleParis


Subtle Yoga by alterego


The Light Cafe by Motyf


Eat&More by Motyf


Office Games 2010 by brandberry


Forestry School by Sternoskop


Girafrica by ecremmoce


Banjo Cat 2 by randyheil


econatives by galogo


Curious Minds by Veneta R


Green Apple by Julius Seniunas


Summertime by pjmaster


FightFans Radio by jerron


Retro Master by szende


Meduza by riocreativo


dead rabbit by contrast8


Anchorage Restaurant by VERGad


Árvore by Bitencourt


Criadouro Bitencourt by Bitnecourt


Love me on Tuesday by paunick14


Rough House by paunick14