These days, everybody wants to own a cool and original piece of furniture, a modern piece to set them apart from the crowd that still likes heavy wooden chairs or leather sofas. We have gathered 23 examples of unique pieces of furniture that we hope you will enjoy and, why not, add them to your modern home.

Marshmallow Couch


Orange Paint Clock


Funky Shoes Armchairs

Inventive Pastoral Pumpkin Stools


Funky Bench


Tantisassi Leather Designer Sofa by Rossi di Albizzate


‘Scopophilia’by Fiona Roberts


Bike Vector chair by Andy Gregg


Table florent degourc by home tone



Funky White Sofa Furniture by Lila Jang


Unique Funky Furniture Bedroom Mode


Funky Dog table


Solar System Chair




Funky SOfa by Versace


Tongue in Cheek by Peter Harvey


Jail Sofa



Funky Orange Chair


Wave Chaise Teenage Bedroom Set



Funky Steel Chair


Chin up Storage Unit


The Watson Table by Paul Loebach


Original Pine Three Couch