Nobody likes to admit having small medical problems as heavly snoring, differently located itches or red eyes from heavy late night partying! But,as usual, there are talented people out there that thought of funny ways of advertising these small necessities in a manner full of humour. And our only humble job was of gathering them in a 24 ads collection.

Bodyguard mosquito repellent: Baby


-Gastrovet: Angry chickens


Vibrocil: Roses


Vibrocil: Perfume


Stopache: Party

Stopache: Daughter


Vital Enduramax Libido Enhancer: Bedtime


Maalox Antiacid: Carrousel


Bailing Fast Onset Cough Syrup: Thief


Carboveg Zengarin Vitamin and Herb: Gas war


Itchguard: Bull


Itchguard: Parachute


Itchguard: Tank


Red off: Cop


Saridon: Strike


Saridon: Repair


Patit: Chicken


Patit: Chili


Benadryl Itch Stick: Son


Baruel Foot Deodorant: Puppet Dumped


Sanjiu Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Pills: Cleaner


Sanjiu Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Pills: Painter


Asonor: Baywatch


Asonor: Chippendale


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