We all love a good snack to bite on when we watch our favorite movie or read the latest book, whether we are suckers for sweets or we love the salty taste of chips, we all allow ourselves a little guilty pleasure from now and then. Today’s article is a showcase of the latest ads from all over the world and we hope you will enjoy it!

BaBoom: Alien by Escala

BaBoom: Clown by Escala

Gorila:Tape by BAR

Gorila: ZX Spectrum by BAR

Kit Kat: Take a break from the usual, Zebra by JWT

Kit Kat: Take a break from the usual, Penguin by JWT

Kit Kat: Take a break from the usual, Croc by JWT

Big Babol: Crashing Bird by McCann

 Mentos: Wardrobe Malfunction by The Martin Agency, USA

Mentos: Pants by The Martin Agency, USA

Wrigley Orbit: Chicken by  Gitam BBDO

Wrigley Orbit: Cow  by Gitam BBDO

Kaku Puremilk Icecream: Cow by Brand 8

Munch Bakery: Cupcake by Brandwill, Saudi Arabia

Maynards Granny Smith: Shelf by  The Hive, Toronto, Canada

Maynards Granny Smith: Vending by The Hive, Toronto, Canada

Mentos: Share if you can by : Neogama BBH

Snickers: You’re not you when you’re hungry, Concert by : BBDO Moscow

Petits Gâteaux Cupcake Boutique: Ring by : Pheromone

Mr Kipling: Jubilee Celebrations, Parade by  JWT
Planters: Piranha by : Being, NY, USA
Nuvem Ice Cream: Girl by  Binder Visão Estratégica

Hubba Bubba: Santa by Gitam BBDO

Funny-frisch Chipsfrisch: Bundle Buggy by  TBWA

Funny-frisch Chipsfrisch: Bag by TBWA