We have made a list of 28 super logos and I’m sure that you’ll really appreciate it. These are really awesome and I think that their diversity will be helpful for you.  Also, you will probably find the mix of styles really interesting. For examples, some of them use the fashionable Less is more principle. Enjoy and be inspired!

GWF by elisteli

Warsaw Jazz Days by slog1986

handmade by wolverine

Elephant Biscuit by cpuentes23

iBulb by Elpuser

ST02 by atomicvibe

Wind Energy Solutions by nydesign

Terra Verde by devey

GoldPointer by Logoturn

Alien Pirates by voxsix

Capone’s by designer

olaris by milash

DAY by manjarimimi

Sick Bird Skate Goods by MrBayonet

Sick Bird Skate Goods by MrBayonet

Mr. Handy by devey

Inappropriate Factory by growcase

Medieval Burger by jerron

Medieval Burger by jerron

Bark News Media by revotype

City Walking Tours by designabot


Penguin Events by designabot

Half Badger Records by studiofluid

Big Splash Coding by Husac

Wind Energy by pjmaster

Shannon’s Custom Florals by ambilogo

Skyebird by szende