For today’s article we have gathered some of the latest examples in package design from all over the world that we hope will inspire you in your future projects. These inspirational packages stand out from the crowd of dull and unattractive bottles of beer or jam jars that we see at our local supermarket and try to offer more than a simple product, but a whole experience instead.

Sweet Botanicals by Kate Yip

Cambrook  by Beeson + Beeson

Kalusher by Umbra Design Studio
Honey Hunter by Fresh Chicken
Student Work – Aveline Gunawan
Evian x by Diane Von Furstenberg
Eau de España by Tatabi Studio
One Pine Tree by Kota Kobayashi
Zombie Tarot by  Headcase Design
el huevo de Colón  by Canya Studio
Student Work – Morgan Sterns
Saltimbanco  by Dizen
Hawthorne & Wren by Kevin Cantrell
Delhaize Jams by Lavernia & Cienfuegos
Apinya Thai Chili Sauce by Apsara
Cultivar Taggiasca  by Paolo Varratta Design Consultant
Pump by Character Agency
Penhaligon’s Christmas Gift Collection by jkr
Brokula&Ž by Bruketa&Zinic OM |
JAFFO by  Popular Bruketa & Žinić OM
Today by Mara Rodriguez
Pietro Gala  by Fresh Chicken